Classic toys

Design: Sebastian Segura & Wojciech Bajor

Size of each piece: 4 cm x 4 cm x 2 cm

Box: 22 cm x 20,5 cm x 4,5 cm

37 elements

Recommended for children over 18 months old.


About this toy

This is an alphabet and numbers set with chunky characters that can be used as blocks to build stuff and also helps children to get familiar with the symbols we use to communicate.

We have printed a colorful pattern that reminds us of wood grain. This graphic function in more than one way. From one side it highlights the poetic parallel between the wood grain and the texture naturally engraved in our fingertips, on the other hand (pun intended) these lines give this set yet another layer, becoming also a sort of puzzle. Finally these lines indicate the correct orientation of the pieces so that children can properly learn them.  

Alphablocks is a set of numbers and letters that are only a few centimeters in size, but thanks to their thincknes and proportion give the impression of monumentality. Stacking them up and playing with them feels like moving enormous blocks with the tip of your fingers.

To complement this effect we have designed a linear pattern that highlights the wood grain, and since it is only printed on one side, has the quality of helping children familiarize with the correct orientation of the letters. finally apart from their function as blocks, children can match the lines in a sort of puzzle and learn the order of the alphabet.

How to care for this toy?

Recycle me.
This toy and packaging is made from natural resources and can be readily recycled.

Please remove all packaging and stabilizers before giving to a child.

Do not use sharp instruments to remove the packaging.

Clean the surface of the toy using only with a damp cloth.

Please do not expose this toy to high temperatures or high humidity. The wood can bend and deform under these conditions.

We recommend adult supervision of very young children at play.