Design: Hubert Lisiak

Size of the toy: 14 cm x 6 cm x 11 cm

3 blocks, 1 hedgehog

Box: 15 cm x 9,5 cm x 12 cm

Recommended for children over 18 months old.


About this toy

Bajo is turning 30 and we wanted to celebrate this milestone by bringing back some of Bajo’s early  designs. Throughout our history as toymakers we have learnt and changed so much and we thought how interesting it would be to apply all this acquired knowledge into some of the pieces that our journey was built upon.

Bajo’s aesthetic evolved over the years, we acquired new know-how, and also few new designers joined the team. It’s interesting to see the evolution of the classics into contemporary wooden toys. We added notes of color here and there, and also took advantage of new technologies that didn’t exist back then, like printing on the surface of the toy. The result we have is a cute little collection of animals that have the best of two worlds, or better said, the best of two eras, our ambitious beginning, and our creative present.

In this collection we have 4 animals: a Dinosaur, a hedgehog, an ostrich and a Caiman. They were all refreshed from the very first version we made so many years ago with the Today’s Bajo style!.

How to care for this toy?

Recycle me.
This toy and packaging is made from natural resources and can be readily recycled.

Please remove all packaging and stabilizers before giving to a child.

Do not use sharp instruments to remove the packaging.

Clean the surface of the toy using only with a damp cloth.

Please do not expose this toy to high temperatures or high humidity. The wood can bend and deform under these conditions.

We recommend adult supervision of very young children at play.

hedgehog, cure,

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