Design: Sebastián Rubiano

Size of the figures:
Elephant: 14 cm x 10,6 cm x 1,8 cm
Gorilla: 9,4 cm x 10 cm x 1,8 cm
Zebra: 10,2 cm x 11,6 cm x 1,8 cm
Lion: 11 cm x 8,5 cm x 1,8 cm
Tiger: 12,5 cm x 8 cm x 1,8 cm
Rhinoceros: 14,5 cm x 7,6 cm x 1,8 cm
Snake: 14 cm x 14,6 cm x 1,3 cm
Giraffe: 9,4 cm x 19 cm x 1,3 cm
Crocodile: 17 cm x 5 cm x 1,8 cm
Tucan: 6,6 cm x 5,7 cm x 1,3 cm
Monkey: 7 cm x 6 cm x 1,3 cm

Materials: Beechwood

 Box:  22 cm x 20,7 cm x 4,5 cm

 11 elements

Recommended for children over 18 months old


About this toy

The animal figurine family is growing bigger!
This is a set of 12 animals from the savannahs and the jungles of the world, the wildest creatures on earth but also some of the most popular amongst kids.

These figures keep a proportional size and modern graphic style with the previous set “The farm” so they can be mixed together as a collection.

They are all made in solid wood: the biggest animals like the elephant and the rhinoceros are made with a thickness of 18 mm while the smallest ones are made in 13 mm, in this way there’s a representation of the animal’s features also in 3D while being ergonomic for the child to grab and manipulate.

The packaging of this set is also special and follows the idea we started with “The farm”. It contains a cut-out that is printed on the box, it can be easily cut out with the help of an adult and ta-da! immediately we have a jungle scene to play with these figures.

*The figures can be ordered separately as well and will come in a paper packaging properly tagged with the figure in it.

How to care for this toy?

Recycle me.
This toy and packaging is made from natural resources and can be readily recycled.

Please remove all packaging and stabilisers before giving to a child.

Do not use sharp instruments to remove the packaging.

Clean the surface of the toy using only with a damp cloth.

Please do not expose this toy to high temperatures or high humidity. The wood can bend and deform under these conditions.

We recommend adult supervision of very young children at play.

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